Carsten Bergmann


Our group is interested in the characterization of newly identified disease genes and the translation of genetic findings into mechanistic studies in cell biology and model organisms. To understand the disease and finally design potential therapeutic strategies, we use an interdisciplinary approach with a broad spectrum of techniques and close relationships to patient data and human genetic diagnostics. A further plus is the access to large DNA- and biomaterial banks with excellent clinical data.


Medical Students

We offer medical students to perform a doctoral thesis in our experienced research team. In general, the experimental work starts in February or September of each year and requires approx. 8 months in our research laboratory with excellent support and supervision. At the beginning of each term, our department offers a student's training course that gives a very helpful insight into different molecular biology techniques, microscopy and bioinformatics. If you are interested to join our research team and/or would like to receive more information on our current medical thesis projects, please email carsten.bergmann(at)

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