The Clinical Research 201 Unit was formed to bridge the gap between experimental research and optimal patient care. It aims to translate novel experimental findings into new treatments to combat the development and progression of polycystic kidney disease. The framework of a “Clinical Research Unit” was chosen to emphasize the translational aspect of this research project, and focus the research towards one ultimate goal, a cure for this hereditary disease.

The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) takes advantage of a unique interdisciplinary group of scientists and clinicians that will coordinate their efforts to address three crucial areas of ADPKD research:


In summary, these projects in the CRU 201 were designed for optimal synergy. New approaches to treat polycystic kidney disease rely on a deeper understanding of what goes wrong in cells to drive cyst growth. The projects will elucidate the function of PKD proteins and detail the signalling cascades that underlie normal renal development. Further insight into disease mechanisms will be used to modify current therapeutic strategies and develop new approaches, subject to rapid in-vitro screening and in-depth in-vivo analysis.


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