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20.09.2019SFB 1140 & CIBSS Seminar: 20.09.2019, Eryn Dixon

Novel Polycystin-2 regulation of ezrin in renal epithelia reveals insights into ADPKD cystogenesis

14.12.2018SFB 1140 Seminar: 14.12.2018, Prof. Dr. Matias Simons

Good and bad consequences of proximal tubular dysfunction: lessons from human genetics

16.11.2018SFB 1140 Seminar: 16.11.2018, Prof. Dr. Jakub Sedzinski

How to form a mucociliary epithelium by actin-based pushing forces

24.09.201815. PKD-Symposium in Freiburg: 16. und 17.11.2018

Der PKD Familiäre Zystennieren e.V. veranstaltet gemeinsam mit der Klinik für Innere Medizin IV das 15. PKD-Symposium bei uns in Freiburg. read more

read more

22.06.2018SFB 1140 Seminar: 22.06.2018, Prof. Dr. Owen M. Woodward

ABCG2 and the mechanisms of uric acid homeostasis

15.06.2018SFB 1140 Seminar: 15.06.2018, Dr. Amandine Viau

Control of renal inflammation by primary cilia

08.06.2018SFB 1140 Seminar: 08.06.2018, Prof. Daniel Constam

Renal gluconeogenesis in the non-orthologous Bicc1 mouse model of PKD

09.03.2018SFB 1140 Seminar: 09.03.2018, Manaswita Jain

Loss of Aatf in renal tubular cells results in cystic kidney disease

09.02.2018SFB 1140 Seminar: 09.02.2018, Dr. Björn Neubauer

Ang II short loop feedback – Is there a role of Ang II for the regulation of the renin system in vivo?

12.01.2018SFB 1140 Seminar: 12.01.2018, Dr. Daniela Nicastro

Probing the Molecular Organization of Cells and Organelles using Cryo-Electron Microscopy

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