Training – Young scientists

One major goal of the CRU 201 is to train young scientists and to convey our excitement about research to students and junior investigators. To this end we have developed a multi-stage program that promotes the advancement of scientific careers at every level of training:


  • Seminar: Molecular mechanisms of Disease
    Current topics of biomedical research are discussed with tutors. Students (Medicine, Molecular Medicine, Biology, ...) present exciting original research papers to their peers. The broad range of topics includes stem cells, aging, hypertension, diabetes, immunodeficiency and many more.
  • Introductory training course for doctoral students
    To provide every student with a concise and efficient training experience, we offer a biannual workshop that combines an overview in molecular biology with “hands-on” training in the lab. Over a two-week training period, all students starting with their doctoral or diploma thesis in our laboratory will learn the basic standard techniques, and obtain a theoretical framework to understand the ongoing research in the laboratory. PhD students of the Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine will participate in this workshop and contribute to lively discussions.
  • Integrated training of doctoral students in graduate schools
    Our graduate students participate in the graduate school GRK 1104 and the
    Spemann Graduate School of Biology & Medicine. Interested individuals may participate in a newly established M.D.-Ph.D. program
  • Specific concepts to promote the career of young physician scientists
    a) ?Co-Investigator“-program (P2, P4, P7)
    b) ?Young Investigator“ program




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