SFB 1140 & CIBSS Seminar: 20.09.2019, Eryn Dixon

Novel Polycystin-2 regulation of ezrin in renal epithelia reveals insights into ADPKD cystogenesis

20.09.2019 14:00
SFB 1140 Seminar: 14.12.2018, Prof. Dr. Matias Simons

Good and bad consequences of proximal tubular dysfunction: lessons from human genetics

14.12.2018 14:00


20.10.2017SFB 1140 Seminar: 20.10.2017, Prof. Michael J. Caplan

Playing in Traffic: Novel Signaling and Trafficking Mechanisms in Epithelial Cells

27.06.2017KIDGEM Special Issue ("KIDGEM & Friends") now online

20 KIDGEM related review topics in Cell & Tissue Research

23.06.2017SFB 1140 Seminar: 23.06.2017, Dr. Thomas Weimbs

Polycystic Kidney Disease: Role of Crystals in Disease Progression

07.04.2017SFB 1140 Seminar: 07.04.2017, Dr. Tobias Hermle

Nephrotic syndrome - disease modeling in Drosophila and mutations in interactors of RAB5 as novel monogenic causes.

31.03.2017SFB 1140 Seminar: 31.03.2017, Dr. Sally Ann Moody

Using Xenopus to find new genes involved in Branchio-oto-renal Syndrome.

17.02.2017SFB 1140 Seminar: 17.02.2017, PD Dr. Catherine Meyer-Schwesinger

Role of the ubiquitin proteasome system in podocyte injury

27.01.2017SFB 1140 Seminar: 27.01.2017, Dr. Felix Knauf

Oxalate: Inflammasome activator and kidney disease progression.

25.11.2016SFB 1140 Seminar: 25.11.2016, Dr. Ian Ganley

Eating your Mitochondria: Why, When and Where?

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