SFB 1140 & CIBSS Seminar: 20.09.2019, Eryn Dixon

Novel Polycystin-2 regulation of ezrin in renal epithelia reveals insights into ADPKD cystogenesis

20.09.2019 14:00
SFB 1140 Seminar: 14.12.2018, Prof. Dr. Matias Simons

Good and bad consequences of proximal tubular dysfunction: lessons from human genetics

14.12.2018 14:00


07.10.2016SFB 1140 Seminar: 07.10.2016, Prof. Martin Blum

Cilia matter - the evolution and conservation of left-right patterning mechanisms

30.09.2016SFB 1140 Seminar: 30.09.2016, Dr. David Mick

Studying Ciliopathies and Protein Trafficking by Cilia Proteomics

14.07.2016SFB 1140 Seminar: 14.07.2016, Prof. Malcolm Maden

How to regenerate complex organs: from axolotls to spiny mice

01.07.2016SFB 1140 Seminar: 01.07.2016, Dr. Peter Walentek

Development and regeneration of airway mucociliary epithelia - What we can learn from a tadpole about human airway disease.

17.06.2016SFB 1140 Seminar: 17.06.2016, Prof. Ian Frew

Interplay between HIF transcription factors, primary cilia and cell cycle tumor suppressors in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

10.06.2016SFB 1140 Seminar: 10.06.2016, Dr. Harmen Draisma

From Fischer(344) to Fischer, or from small-scale use of a rat model in nephrology to large-scale application of statistical genetic models

Category: KFO 201

02.10.2015SFB 1140 Seminar: 02.10.2015, Prof. Daniel Constam

"Regulation of mRNA silencing by polymeric Bicc1 and by NPHP2/Inversin"

28.09.2015SFB 1140 Seminar: 28.09.2015, Prof. Stefan Somlo

The increasingly complex relationship of polycystin and cilia function with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney and liver disease

18.09.2015SFB 1140 Seminar: 18.09.2015, Prof. Andreas Herrlich

"Role of the Metalloprotease ADAM17 in Kidney Fibrosis"

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