Gerd Walz

Institute for Disease Modelling and Targeted Medicine (IMITATE)

In 2021 the Nephrolab did move to the Institute for Disease Modelling and Targeted Medicine (IMITATE) next to the ZTZ building.

IMITATE offers core facilities with cutting-edge technologies, including advanced high-resolution microscopy (3D electron microscopy, confocal & lightsheet microscopy etc.) and a SPF mouse facility with integrated small-animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer tomography (CT) and NMR/MS for metabolic profiling to characterize mouse models at a very comprehensive level.

IMITATE will also house a modern zebrafish core facility with a robot-operated feeding unit to shorten the zebrafish lifecycle. This facility, operated by the Renal Division (PD Dr. T. Yakulov), will substantially facilitate the goal to generate complex zebrafish lines.

IMITATE will also provide bioinformatics support to analyze high-dimensional data.


Figure: Research strategy of the Institute for Disease Modeling and Targeted Medicine (IMITATE). The research program encompasses three areas, 1) disease modeling, 2) characterization of disease models by high-resolution or animal imaging, and 3) targeted therapeutic approaches.






Figure: High-resolution imaging. IMITATE will provide state-of-the-art electron and light microscopy, including 3D EM tomography and light sheet microscopy.










Figure: Small animal imaging. The SPF mouse facility of IMITATE will encompass MRI and CT for small animals as well as an NMR/MS metabolic profiler for comprehensive characterization of genetically modified mice.











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